The story of the birth of the Alza mascot

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The noisy alien who made his mark in advertising history.

Case study

Employees evaluating their companies

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How we built brand recognition of a useful job market tool.

Case study

Not your ordinary crisps

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How we helped get potato crisps from Moravia into retail chains.

Case study

Find a better job

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How we tried to convince people that they can easily find a better job online.

Case study

Toner toner toner

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How we helped become a market leader.

Case study

Brand of Champions

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How we created a brand strategy with a long-term creative concept.

Case study

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World od Toys (Babynet)

Our client is a well-established online toy store, looking for their own identity in order to find a proper means of communication, not just with the customer. That is why we first tried to look for and describe the spirit of their company which was then to become the cornerstone of their new visual style. We only outlined a new visual style, with the intention of letting the employees partake in the creative process—they easily identified with the final product and, most importantly, with the values that underlie

Beer for a new generation

Rebel, a brewery from Havlíčkův Brod, approached us with a task to come up with a new design for their beer aimed at twenty-somethings. So, first of all, we jointly identified their target group. We also knew that the design must be unlike any other and must be easily identified on the shelf—one reason for this was also a restricted budget on their point of sale marketing. Their sales from the new beer surpassed all expectations and so we were asked to design new labels for their entire product line of beers.

All Packed and Ready to Go

HELLORS knew that their communication and visual style were not very consistent. They asked us to make a new corporate identity for them, establish new brand communications, and even come up with a new slogan. We looked for the spirit of their company directly at their place of business and then we used our findings to personify it. This helped us immensely on our way to meeting our client’s needs—the result is a consistent visual style and communication that matches the company’s core values and philosophy.

Definition of Reliability

Our client asked us to create their corporate identity, an online manual, a company video presentation, and also a design proposal and later the actual making of their showroom and their exhibition stand. We were keen to find out what values the company represents, what their communications are, and then we tried to figure out together what their mission is on the global market. Our initial collaboration on the formulation of the assignment brought results that earned us praise from the client.

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