Where is all the money? Who controls it and what do they need to hear to open their wallets?

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We deliver

Market analysis

WHERE is the market potential? We monitor your competition’s media investments and perform a search of their creative solutions, so that we can make informed decisions when planning our own strategy.

Defining the target group

WHO is our strategic customer? Together we define our primary target group whom we will be addressing with our key marketing activities.

Market research

WHAT is the overall awareness and perception of the brand, what is the behaviour of our target group, and what should we tell them to encourage their purchases? We don’t want to guess. We want to know.

Advertising strategy

Once we know the answers to these strategic questions, we can start envisioning the way towards a successful advertising campaign.

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It’s better for me to hear that our client knows of our work than that he likes it.
Michal Hatlapatka
Commercial Director of Group Division
The right strategy is the beginning of everything.
Tomáš Kiprov
Managing Director of Group Division